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Matthew Teller is a freelance journalist and travel writer, specialising in the Middle East. He’s always been a writer: travel came later. His first big adventure was a family holiday to Jerusalem aged 11 – even today, the smell of cumin takes him straight back there. That was when he saw the desert for the first time. Since then, he’s lived and worked around the Middle East, had dinner with the Queen, been thrown off a train on the Polish-German border for having no shoes, lived in a self-built shack on the beach at Tel Aviv, sampled warm milk fresh from the camel in Saudi Arabia, driven across the US, hitch-hiked from Morocco to Paris in 22 hours straight, been blessed while sitting on a holy shaking wall in the Punjab and had many other adventures of the kind travel writers always boast about. He lives in the UK and tries to keep his website and his blog reasonably up to date.

200 years and counting…

By Matthew Teller It was cold, at the top of the mountain. Not quite sunset, but getting that way. A whirlpool wind was slicing around the crags, sucking at the withered, clinging trees. This was a place of the spirit, … Continue reading

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The Hidden Gems of Israel – by Matthew Teller

I remember blinking as I unfolded the map. It was brightly coloured, with photos alongside – obviously designed for tourists – and it showed a slice of northern Israel, either side of the biblical city of Nazareth. And it was … Continue reading

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Extra Time in… Tel Aviv

In case you’re left with extra time on either side of your tour to Israel, travel writer Matthew Teller offers a few ideas for how to make the most of a day or two in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is … Continue reading

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Jordan: what to expect

By Matthew Teller Sunshine. That’s one big thing to expect in Jordan. But there’s a few others, too. You could expect a completely unique afternoon in a totally unvisited low-income neighbourhood of East Amman hanging out with local kids, having … Continue reading

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Extra Time in Jerusalem

You plan your trip, select your dates and make your booking – but then the flight brings you into town a day ahead of the group. You could always hole up in the hotel sipping cocktails – but we think you’re … Continue reading

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Extra time in Amman

By Matthew Teller Amman is a metropolis on the up. Retail is booming like never before: the downtown souks – always a place of frenetic buying and selling – are being joined by a host of uptown districts where the … Continue reading

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Authenticity in travel

By Matthew Teller I’ve just finished writing the Rough Guide to the Cotswolds, due out in May. I loved the challenge, but it was sometimes quite a struggle to maintain a focus on what the place is actually all about, … Continue reading

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