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We're an international team of travellers - based all over the world - London, Brisbane, Vancouver, New York, Johannesburg, Cairo, Auckland, Sydney .... and a few more! We're English, Australian, Indian, Canadian, Polish, Czech, South African and New Zealanders too .... And we travel the world - a lot! Be it for work, pleasure - or often both - our collective travel experiences are extensive ... and through our blog, we are now able to share all our adventures and insights with you. We hope you enjoy our posts!

Beautiful New Zealand

  There’s nothing we love more than helping you discover beautiful and exciting destinations around the world, and we’ve just added a new one to the list. Heading down under and across the Pacific Ocean to The Land of the Long White … Continue reading

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Pretty Muddy for Cancer Research UK

  Over the past couple months all of the ladies from On The Go’s London office have been raising money – and practising their tire jumps, for Cancer Research UK. Yesterday all of their fundraising and training came to fruition … Continue reading

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Sri Lanka – Island of Dharma

  Just off the coast of India is the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka, brimming with beautiful beaches, lush tea plantations, exotic wildlife and aromatic spices, plus plenty of ancient ruins to boot. This week’s video pick is an … Continue reading

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Doorways to the world

  They say adventure and discovery awaits around every corner, whether it is travelling down a previously untrodden trail, passing through an unopened door or experiencing a destination from a different perspective. In this week’s photo showcase Ann Amies has … Continue reading

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Different views of Petra

  If I ask you to picture the country of Jordan, I can almost guarantee that one particular image will spring to mind, says Emma McInnes. An image of one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, of a UNESCO … Continue reading

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Bhutan: Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon

  Step into a world of fluttering prayer flags, white washed fortresses, hilltop monasteries, robe-clad monks, hospitable charm and spectacular landscapes in this week’s video pick. This wonderful short film by Charles Lanceplaine allows you to take a walk on … Continue reading

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The Best of the West

  Home to beautiful national parks, striking landscapes and vibrant cities, the western states of America have plenty offer travellers on the road – but where to start? From the incredible rock formations of Arches National Park, seemingly never-ending landscape of the … Continue reading

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The migration of the Berbers in Morocco

  Ditch the smart phone, tablet and all those other technological crutches we’ve become so used to, for a chance to step outside of your comfort zone, experience a different way of life and to get back to nature on … Continue reading

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Bounce around the world

  Imagine if with the tap of your heels, click of your fingers or kick of your boot you could transport yourself to another place – to the sand dunes of the Sahara, white-washed towns of Greece, the wilderness of Canada or … Continue reading

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The Land of Fire & Ice

  In March our own Mike Quinto discovered the frozen sights and the tasty delights of Iceland on our Land of the Northern Lights tour to find out what draws millions of travellers here every year. After 5 days of thundering waterfalls, bubbling geysers, … Continue reading

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