ANZAC Day is an enormously special day for Australians and New Zealanders, a day which is set aside in honour of those who perished on April 25th 1915 during the First World War in Gallipoli. It’s certainly something that every Aussie and Kiwi should consider attending; and with a range of tours on offer, one can even tie in the solemn dawn service with tours of the fascinating land of Turkey and areas beyond.


This was something I always wanted to do …and now have. Firstly I must warn everyone that this is not an easy thing to do. We were there to pay our respects, and in a way this is the Australian … Continue reading

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  Anzac day‚Ķ what an emotional experience. I probably not the right person to be taking about this, as soon as the horn blows & the anthem plays, I remember all those that have died & end up all teary … Continue reading

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