Cappadocia is considered by some to be the jewel in Turkey’s crown. Whole troglodyte villages, subterranean churches and fortresses have been hewn from the soft, porous, eerily eroded rock. The World-Heritage listed Goreme has over 30 magnificently frescoed Byzantine rock churches open for exploration.

Watchtower of Turkey

  One thing regularly said about Turkey is its sheer diversity, something which often surprises its visitors. It is a destination filled with delicious exotic dishes, bustling lively markets, golden coastline along the Mediterranean sea and dramatic lunar landscapes. This incredible … Continue reading

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Lights of Turkey

  Seeing as we looked at how Thailand excites the sense of sound, this week’s video we turned our attention to Turkey and how it captivates your sight with its array of colours. Guillaume’s video not only displays the array … Continue reading

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Exploring extraordinary Cappadocia

If you are thinking of a trip to Turkey, make sure it includes Cappadocia. Cappadocia is a region scattered with otherworldly rock formations which, due to the little peaks that appear on top of them, have been given the nickname … Continue reading

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Living it up in Cappadocia

Turkey’s Cappadocia region is one of the greatest places on earth. Cappadocia has a lovely small-town feel; and of course there are the caves to explore! It’s filled with caves, just like the Flintstones. My tip is to always to … Continue reading

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