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The Far East is a fascinating region to explore, and China has some of the most famous landmarks on the planet, not least of which is the Great Wall. Explore the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square in Beijing, or see the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an. Delicious food, fascinating heritage, ancient history: China’s got it all.

Classic China

Having already travelled to and fallen in love with many places in Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Bali, Sunét our South Africa Business Development Manager was excited to explore another Asian country – China. On our Great Wall and … Continue reading

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Top marketplaces around the world

While landmarks and monuments will tell you the history of a destination, museums and art galleries will tell you about its heritage, and national parks and reserves will tell you about its flora and fauna – what’s the best way … Continue reading

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Too Far West is East

As video technology continues to advance every day there are numerous ways film makers can edit their shots to make them appear more vibrant, more impressive and more out of the ordinary. But sometimes there’s nothing better than the simplicity of old-school footage, and … Continue reading

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Five reasons to tour China

  Travel bloggers Lesley-Staum Lewis and Ryan Grant travelled to China on our Chinese Checkers tour. Although a well-travelled couple, exploring the world with their blog The Hello Series, they found the easiest and best way to travel around the China … Continue reading

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From Beijing to Shanghai

Earlier this year Lena Neilson saw the sights and tasted the delights of China on a thrilling journey through the Land of the Dragon on our Great Wall and Warriors tour. She explored the ancient hutongs of Beijing by rickshaw … Continue reading

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Discovering the Great Wall of China

As a land of dragons and emperors with thousands of years of cultural heritage, China undoubtedly captures a traveller’s imagination, says our own Lisa McCowan. But by far the country’s most alluring attraction is its legendary Great Wall – here Lisa shares with us … Continue reading

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Rising China

We always love seeing a country from a different perspective and this week’s video pick does just that. Film maker Drew Geraci put together this stunning short film showcasing the sights and landscapes of China from above. From peaceful rural … Continue reading

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Beyond the Great Wall of China

  Whether you only have a week off work or you’ve got a little more time on your hands, China is a fascinating place to explore. While the legendary Great Wall and vast Forbidden City in Beijing, and the army of Terracotta … Continue reading

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China smiles

  There is something contagious about a smile that means when you see someone with a big grin on their face, you simply can’t help but return it. Not only do smiles lift your mood but when you share one with another person it is … Continue reading

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10 interesting facts about the Terracotta Warriors

  Just outside of Xi’an, the incredible discovery of Emperor Qin’s underground army in 1974 put this Chinese city on the map and simply cannot be missed on any visit here. But how much do you really know about this famous subterranean … Continue reading

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