Take a trip into the most desolate (and hauntingly beautiful) regions on the planet. From the Sahara to the Namib and the Gobi, experience a desert holiday with a difference.

Perseids Meteor Shower

I was lucky enough to witness the Perseids Meteor Shower from the deserts in Jordan last year. It was something I had read about and it really intrigued me. I got to see a magical country with so many fascinating … Continue reading

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A scenic reward for the faithful on Mt. Sinai

Taking the time to climb Mount Sinai (or Jabal Musa – translating as Moses Mountain) is a highlight of any tour or holiday to the Sinai Peninsula. Religious texts hold this impressive mountain to be the place where Moses received … Continue reading

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The dramatically beautiful Western Desert of Egypt

The Western Desert in Egypt is magnificent.  More than just a desert, the vast landscape has so much to offer with each of its oases presenting a wonderful and different perspective of this amazing country. Words cannot really describe it … Continue reading

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