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Egypt is an incredible country, offering tourists and historians the chance to see some of the most amazing man-made buildings ever created. The great pyramids of Giza hardly need an introduction, but why not take a trip further south and explore the legendary temple of Abu Simbel; built in tribute to King Ramses II? Egypt also has its fair share of natural wonders. Sail gently down the mighty Nile River, take in the solitude of the Western Desert, enjoy world-class diving at the Red Sea or catch a sunset from the top of the famous biblical landmark of Mt. Sinai.

Exploring the temple of Abu Simbel, Egypt

Trevor from Flight Centre went with us recently on a tour to Egypt and was blown away by the temple of Abu Simbel. Read about his adventure here! I’ve always thought that visiting Egypt without seeing Abu Simbel would be … Continue reading

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Extra time in… Cairo

Our very own Andy Henderson lived in Cairo for two years, and these are his top spots to see if you’ve got a few extra hours to kill on either side of your tour.  – Felucca / motorboat ride down … Continue reading

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Howard’s Way

Guest expert Wendy Gomersall visited Egypt, and the home of world-renowned archaeologist Howard Carter – the man who uncovered the tomb of the boy king Tutankhamen back in 1922. Imagine it – after years and years spent rummaging around in … Continue reading

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Photo showcase – enigmatic Egypt

Egypt is filled with spectacular ancient monuments and natural wonders too. As a destination, it’s definitely one of those must-see places. Here are a few of Egypt’s highlights, a taste of some of the things you’ll see on a tour … Continue reading

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ANZAC Day in Egypt

A member of our team shares her experiences of the ANZAC Day Dawn Service at the Commonwealth War Memorial Cemetery in Cairo this morning. Often forgotten are the brave ANZAC servicemen that died beyond the shores of Gallipoli, many serving along … Continue reading

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Paying tribute to the heroes of El Alamein, Egypt

El Alamein in Egypt is an area known for its Commonwealth Cemetery and War Museum, as it was an area which saw heavy fighting during the Second World War. Many brave young men lost their lives here or in the … Continue reading

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Dunes and Tombs – and mummies too!

Roger Lord travelled with us to Egypt recently on our Dunes and Tombs tours, which takes in all the major sites and heads way out into the Western Desert. Over 18 days, he saw the pyramids, travelled the Western Desert, … Continue reading

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Top 5 Must-See Sites in Classical Egypt

Angie Orth travelled with us to Egypt recently, and here she shares her Top 5 Must-See Sites in Classical Egypt. Read more about her travels on her blog at Though I suspected it to be true (and booked the 13-day … Continue reading

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Soundtrack to travel – five tracks about places we love.

We’re gearing up for the weekend, and to help us along here are five of the best travel tracks. We decided to focus on tracks that actually contain the name of a destination, rather than any old road-tripping song. Did … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving and other festivals around the world

Every culture – and most religions – have feasts and festivals to commemorate important events. What better way to celebrate than to gather round with friends and family and eat together? Many feasts have roots in ancient religion, and many … Continue reading

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