Great Wall

The Great Wall is an incredible sight to behold. At over 6700km long, the Great Wall was built centuries ago to keep out marauding invaders from the north. Construction took around 2000 years, following different routes and expanding as required. No trip to China is complete without a walk on this incredible structure.

Travel round-up: tours to China

China is vastly different from the contexts in which westerners normally find themselves, making it an utterly transfixing destination to visit. From the natural beauty of China’s rural areas to the buzzing cities, the cultural attractions and of course the … Continue reading

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Huffing and puffing up the Great Wall of China

The sheer scale of the Great Wall just can’t be explained adequately in a simple blog post, nor can photographs truly convey what it’s actually like to walk upon it. But you know what? That’s not going to stop me … Continue reading

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