The pyramids of Giza hardly need an introduction. Having survived for thousands of years, the pyramids are the last of the original Greek-listed Seven Wonders of the World. Incredibly, they were already more than 2000 years old by the time Herodotus the Greek historian visited them on the 5th Century BC. 138 pyramids have been discovered in Egypt to date, most of which were built as tombs for the ancient Pharaohs and their consorts.

The Inside Track on Pyramids

Pyramids are fascinating structures that have had historians, archaeologists and tourists scratching their befuddled brows for centuries. And they’re still a source of wonder and amazement. How were they built and what purpose did they serve? Read on to find … Continue reading

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Photo Showcase – Our Top 10 World Wonders

When it comes to the Top 10 World Wonders, (or even ten top world wonders, not even the top ten) opinion is no doubt divided. But we’re sure no one can really disagree that these are some of the world’s … Continue reading

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Pyramids of the Mayan Empire

Although it’s usually the pyramids of Egypt that get all the attention, there are numerous pyramids of equal splendour in Central America. But who were the Mayans of ancient times, and what happened to the Mayan Empire? The Mayans can … Continue reading

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A tour to Egypt: Nile cruises, temples, pyramids and sunshine.

Roger recently travelled with us to Egypt and was kind enough to write a blog piece for us. Take a look at Roger’s photos here. Enjoy! I originally scheduled my Egypt trip for January 29th. I wanted to celebrate my 40thbirthday … Continue reading

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Sun Festival magic at Abu Simbel

A big group of us heading down in the comfort of our luxury coaches from Aswan to Abu Simbel for the much-anticipated Abu Simbel Sun Festival. With chronological precision to rival the builders of the temple themselves, we arrived before … Continue reading

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Tips for travelling in Egypt

Egypt is one of the best destinations I have ever travelled to. Being on a tour in Egypt is definitely the way to go though. I have a friend who tried to travel there alone – he travels solo everywhere. … Continue reading

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Egypt FAQs

Here’s some useful information that might come in handy if you’re planning a trip to Egypt. 1. What weather can I expect in Egypt? Mainly hot and dry. Temperatures exceed 38°C during summer (from May to September) with extremes of … Continue reading

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Time-Travelling in Egypt

Would you like to travel back in time? Well, unless you’re Marty McFly from ‘Back to the Future, and have a Delorian with a souped up flux capacitor, you might be out of luck. Alternatively, you could try Egypt. My … Continue reading

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