Responsible Tourism

We take ‘responsible tourism’ seriously at On The Go Tours, making sure that the people and the communities that we visit on our travels reap the rewards from the tourism that we generate in their areas.

Walking with Lions

Check out these photos from our Walking With Lions tour in Antelope Park, Gweru. The pictures really speak for themselves. The chance to get this close to big cats on safari is a once-in-a-lifetime deal, and supports a critical conservation … Continue reading

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Photo Showcase – Costa Rica

For nature lovers, sun worshippers, photographers, surfers and beach bums alike, Costa Rica is something of a paradise – and comparatively unspoilt. Large areas of the country are still covered in lush rainforest criss-crossed with inland waterways and stocked with … Continue reading

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The Wild Tiger Challenge: Promote the cause!

We’ve teamed up with online conservation initiative Tiger Nation for the launch of the ‘Wild Tiger Challenge’ a custom-built app on Facebook which raises the profile of India’s tigers and tiger conservation in India. Read on to find out more! … Continue reading

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Top 10 facts about the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon is synonymous with Central and South America – it’s the largest of the rainforests, supporting a huge number of plants and animals and hugely important to our own survival. Taking up most of the Amazon Basin, the Amazon … Continue reading

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Make a change with Picture the Difference photography competition

Picture the Difference is a new photography competition held in aid of ActionAid, and in conjunction with Bob Books, Powell Allen and On the Go Tours. ActionAid is a charity that works to alleviate poverty and injustice throughout the world. … Continue reading

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Tiger update from India

On The Go Tours supports a range of local organisations in the destinations that we visit. One of them is TOFT (Travel Operators for Tigers) which ensures that the local environmental efforts in India to conserve these amazing animals are … Continue reading

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On The Go Tours nominated for two TNT Magazine Travel Awards.

  Happy news! Not only is the sun beginning to peek out from behind the clouds here in foggy London town, but it turns out we’ve nominated for two TNT Magazine Travel Awards! The categories that we’ve been nominated for … Continue reading

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A sustainable approach to tourism

At On The Go Tours we take the issue of responsible tourism very seriously, and we try to ensure that the countries that we visit benefit from tourism. Travel should be a rewarding experience, not just for the tourist, but … Continue reading

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Giving something back

Working in travel can be a double edged sword sometimes – the effect of tourism on places can be good in terms of the money coming in to the area but can also change the areas we travel to, not … Continue reading

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Tiger Phoenix rising …

I hosted a prestigious lecture a couple of years ago, as the Founder of Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT), by an eminent Tiger biologist and he had got me thinking. “Even today,” he had said, “With well over 200,000 square … Continue reading

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