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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country, with palm-fringed beaches, colourful Buddhist temples, fascinating cities and ancient ruins. See abundant wildlife, tea plantations and lush countryside. And don’t forget the delicious cuisine! We offer a range of private tours to Sri Lanka, taking in all the highlights of this beautiful island.

Top 5 Hidden Gems of India

Everyone’s heard of India’s star attractions, but there are some delightful spots beyond the shadow of the Taj Mahal that deserve just as much attention. Here’s a list of 5 must-see sites to see when you’re visiting the sub-continent and … Continue reading

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Video of the Week – ‘Colores of Sri Lanka’

Time for some serious ‘eye-Kandy’ – and what a great soundtrack! This week we’re looking at the ‘tear-drop isle’ of Sri Lanka. And we’ve got some exciting news about new tours to Sri Lanka too! The Colores of Sri Lanka by … Continue reading

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Festival spotlight – shake it in Sri Lanka!

Three of the most popular Sri Lankan festivals commemorate important events in Buddhism, and include Vesak Festival, Kandy Perahera and Duruthu Perahera festival. Find out more about these amazing festivals here. Vesak Festival is one of the most important festivals … Continue reading

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Amar Grover takes a train into the highlands of Sri Lanka……

I have a weakness for Raj-era things. In this attempted recreation or imitation of the homeland, Britain, they seem to become something else and not quite here or there. The passing of time simply does the rest. Take heading into … Continue reading

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Festival Spotlight – Vesak Festival in Sri Lanka

The most important celebration in the Budddhist calendar is held in many Asian and Southeast Asian countries, but is celebrated with particular fervour in Sri Lanka. Held during the first full moon in the month of May, Vesak commemorates Buddha’s … Continue reading

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Full of protein and rich in calcium, iron and B vitamins more than 60 different types of dal (or dhal) are made across India.  It is the core dish of the meal on any dining room table in India and … Continue reading

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A local welcome in Sri Lanka

After arriving at Colombo airport, we fought our way through the throngs of people milling about. Unexpectedly, I felt a hand on my behind. Thinking that my travelling companion was protectively steering me on my way, I thought ‘How sweet.’ … Continue reading

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Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage

Standing in awe watching the cutest baby elephant cheekily tease a tall Dutch Lady intent on patting him. He walks up to her and just as she puts her hand down, he runs away. The tall Dutch lady lopes after … Continue reading

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