St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the city of the tsars; the seat of power in Russia until the revolution in 1917. Visit historical landmarks like the Winter Palace, home to the impressive Hermitage collection, the Peter and Paul Fortress, St Isaac’s Cathedral, or the Church on Spilled Blood. St. Petersburg is the jewel in Russia’s imperial crown.

Hidden Gems: White Night at the Museums

In the early summer months in St Petersburg, the sun doesn’t really set. The city is so far inside the Arctic Circle that it enjoys weeks of virtually continuous daylight. Russians call this time of year the season of the … Continue reading

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Video of the Week: St Petersburg Time-lapse

St Petersburg is the jewel in Russia’s crown, a city of canals that is reminiscent in many ways of Venice. The tsars ruled their empire here for centuries until the revolution in 1917 – putting the city high up on … Continue reading

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James Bond Breakaways

Being a secret agent clearly has its perks. Obviously, there are the cars. Then there’s the gadgetry. Then there’s the expense account that will guarantee some memorable nights out. And of course there are the beautiful ladies. But as a … Continue reading

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Photo Showcase: Touring Russia in the Summertime

A member of our team just returned from the Russia Revolution tour and had these super photos to share. Starting in St Petersburg, the tour takes you through Novgorod, one of Russia’s oldest cities, and onward to the legendary city … Continue reading

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Travel Round-up: Tours to Russia

Russia is a country of huge proportions – covering nine time zones and taking up the vast majority of the Asian continent, there is a wealth of culture and history for travellers to absorb. If you’re thinking of heading to … Continue reading

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We made it to Moscow!

After sightseeing in St. Petersburg, Katie and Evan catch the train from St. Petersburg to Novgorod and onward to Moscow, and take a lesson in vodka consumption along the way. It’s the ultimate Russian adventure! Our daytime train from St. Petersburg … Continue reading

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Winter festivities in Russia’s Red Square

Here’s a look back at New Year’s Eve in Red Square from Andy. Hard to believe it was only a month ago! For New Year’s Eve 2010 I had the wonderful opportunity to be in Red Square, Moscow. An extraordinary … Continue reading

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Rocking in Russia!

After studying the Emancipation of the Serfs, the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis back in my high school days, I was really looking forward to see a land that has oodles of history. And that’s exactly what I … Continue reading

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Wide-eyed wonder in Moscow & St. Petersburg

Russia is one of the most fascinating countries I have ever visited. It was a place that I had wanted to explore for years, and even when I spent 4 years working in Europe, I sadly missed the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Freedom tastes of reality….

I’m at the airport, reflecting on my time in St Petersburg before the quick flight back to London.  It’s been an inspiring and energising trip.  You can’t escape the vibe of St Petes – cosmopolitan, very European and inescapably Russian … Continue reading

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