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Take the legendary Trans-Siberian train from Moscow to Beijing (or from Beijing to Moscow if you prefer) via Mongolia. A journey that covers almost a third of the Earth’s surface, witness the changing landscapes, the rich cultural diversity and extraordinary wildlife of the Trans Siberian train.

Video of the Week: A Throw to the Ground

The annual Naadam Festival is a celebration of traditional Mongolian culture taking place in July. Over three days, the ‘Three Manly Games’ are performed by participants for the enjoyment of locals and fascinated foreigners alike. Watch ‘A Throw to the … Continue reading

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Video of the Week: The Mongol Rally 2012

On The Go Tours is proud to announce that we’ll be sponsoring Trekking in Tweed, a team in this year’s Mongol Rally. This is the ultimate race – just take a look at the video below! The Mongol Rally, by … Continue reading

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Photo Showcase – top five festival highlights

Summer is on its way in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing an armful of exciting festivals to entertain and delight locals and travellers alike in destinations across the world. And as the seasons change and bring warm weather back to the … Continue reading

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Top 10 Trans-Siberian Experiences

The Trans-Siberian is a legendary railway stretching from Moscow all the way to Vladivostok. Here we concentrate on the stretch between Moscow and Beijing, and take a look at a few of the best things to look forward to (and … Continue reading

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Alternative luxury – my top 5 spots to sleep out

Having a simple piece of canvas between you and the night sky makes for an unusual – but often luxurious – night’s sleep. Read about Katie’s top 5 sleep-out spots from her epic 6-month adventure. – The Elephant Camp, Zimbabwe. This … Continue reading

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The ultimate rail adventure: the Trans-Siberian railway

The Trans-Siberian rail stretches right across Asia, from Moscow, across the steppes of Mongolia, through the Gobi Desert and the Ural Mountains all the way to Beijing. Then there’s Lake Baikal, the world’s oldest and deepest body of fresh water. … Continue reading

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Katie & Evan in Mongolia

Katie’s tummy hurts from giggling so much, and we’ve giggled along at this latest blog too. Nothing like a flatulent horse to get one giggling, right? It’s the latest from Team Kevan’s Trans-Siberian adventure.Thanks Katie! Our last morning on the train … Continue reading

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Team Kevan on the Trans-Siberian train

Katie and Evan leave Moscow to cross a third of the globe on the legendary Trans-Siberian railway. Cue large amounts of vodka, a strange smurf-like Finnish man, one or two visa issues and a large helping of relief on arrival in … Continue reading

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The Mongolian Naadam Festival

As if travelling across Asia on an epic rail adventure wasn’t enough, now you can plan your Trans-Siberian trip to coincide with the incredible Naadam Festival in Mongolia. Held over the Mongolian national holiday, the Naadam Festival is celebrated over … Continue reading

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Working out the riddle – Russia from East to West

Here’s another post from our ongoing Travel Writing competition. Thank you Esther Harper for this little gem! Send your entries in and stand a chance of winning a trip to Morocco. More details here. Armed with a travel guide, later … Continue reading

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