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From quirky perspectives on globe-trotting to rants and everything in between, we all have our own unique way of looking at travel.

Hidden Gems: White Night at the Museums

In the early summer months in St Petersburg, the sun doesn’t really set. The city is so far inside the Arctic Circle that it enjoys weeks of virtually continuous daylight. Russians call this time of year the season of the … Continue reading

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Inspirational Travel Quotes

Here’s a super collection of inspirational travel quotes from our Facebook competition. Have you got your votes in yet? Just a few days left before it closes, so best get those votes in while you can. Which is your favourite … Continue reading

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Video of the Week – Heights of Southern Africa

It’s the middle of the week – what better time to hit that full-screen button and take a breather? Imagine yourself exploring the mountains of Southern Africa with us today with our Video of the Week: Heights of Southern Africa. … Continue reading

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Hats off to Panama!

Guest expert Wendy Gomersall visits Panama and finds out about that most famous of shipping lanes, the Panama Canal. Have you ever been in a queue in, say, Tesco’s on a Saturday morning or the Severn Bridge into Wales on a … Continue reading

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Guest post – 5 Best Travel Apps of 2012

What would we do without our smart phones? Not only are they the lifeline to staying in touch with loved ones and friends – they offer applications for everything! Apps for travel are no exception, and if you’re looking to … Continue reading

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Amar Grover takes a train into the highlands of Sri Lanka……

I have a weakness for Raj-era things. In this attempted recreation or imitation of the homeland, Britain, they seem to become something else and not quite here or there. The passing of time simply does the rest. Take heading into … Continue reading

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Video of the Week: Obüs – The Traveller

It’s a long weekend in many countries, so everyone’s a little more relaxed than usual. Let’s get whimsical about travel! This week’s Video of the Week comes from Obüs, a fashion brand from Down Under that wears its passion for … Continue reading

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How we get around: five global modes of transport

Have you ever stopped to think about how many different modes of transport you have used on your travels and how they have enriched the experience? As the old adage says, ‘Life’s a journey, not a destination’, and with that … Continue reading

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Travelling in the digital age

Listening to this week’s Monocle Weekly podcast, (edition 98) I was struck by an interview they did with author Brian Christian on what it means to be human in the digital age. Computers have infiltrated almost every field of business … Continue reading

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Top shopping tips for travellers

By Daralyn Danns   Whether rummaging round the souks of Marrakech for souvenirs, sauntering around the markets in Peru for alpaca sweaters or hunting for bargains on the streets of Shanghai, shopping is part of the fun of travelling. But, … Continue reading

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