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Turkey has amazing history stretching back many thousands of years. From Roman occupation to the Crusades, the Ottoman empire and into the world wars, there’s plenty to explore in Turkey for the history nuts. Enjoy Turkey’s natural beauty – Cappadocia’s extraordinary rock formations, the Med and sun-kissed beaches. And don’t forget the fabulous food!

Photo Showcase – Turkish Delights

For a view of Turkey take a look at this wonderful collection of photographs taken by our very own Jacqui Stark. Kicking off in the powerhouse of the Ottoman Empire Jacqui has provided us with a glimpse of her journey, … Continue reading

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12 top travel destinations to see in 2013 – Part 1

As 2012 winds to a close we take a look at our pick of places to visit in 2013. Where do you think 2013 will take you? 1. Southern Africa An enormous region with a diversity that’s hard to match, … Continue reading

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Photo Showcase – Our Top 10 World Wonders

When it comes to the Top 10 World Wonders, (or even ten top world wonders, not even the top ten) opinion is no doubt divided. But we’re sure no one can really disagree that these are some of the world’s … Continue reading

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Exploring historic Istanbul

 Heading to Turkey? Check out these tips on things to see and do when in Istanbul. Istanbul has a rich and varied history which has seen it being involved in major political, cultural and religious events for well over 2,000 … Continue reading

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Top 5 Foods from Turkey

As it’s Turkey day here in the On The Go office, our minds naturally wonder to one of our favourite things about Turkey – the amazing food! Here are our Top 5 Turkish delicacies that’ll have you salivating in no … Continue reading

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A confluence of culture – the Bosphorus Strait

Probably one of the most famous waterways in the world, the Bosphorus Strait forms the boundary between Europe and Asia. It also splits Istanbul neatly in two, making it the only city in the world to straddle two continents. Read … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Top Spots and World Wonders

Turkey has a wealth of natural and man-made wonders to explore. Here’s a brief run-down of some of its most popular wonders that you can see on a tour or holiday of Turkey with us. 1. Istanbul The only city … Continue reading

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Video of the Week: Going to Cappadocia (Turkey)

Cappadocia is a gorgeous region in central Turkey, made famous for its incredible rock formations. Resembling fairy chimneys, the soft porous rock is believed to have been formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago. Whole subterranean villages, complete with … Continue reading

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ANZAC Day 2011 – a photo blog from the On The Go team.

Emma went on an ANZAC Day tour in 2011 and compiled this photo blog. ANZAC Day occurs annually and commemorates the landing of the ANZAC troops at Gallipoli, Turkey during World War One. For more on ANZAC Day and the tours … Continue reading

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Extra Time in… Istanbul

On The Go Tours team member Cherylyn Antao went to Turkey recently and has a treasure chest of great tips for anyone with a bit of time to kill. Whether you’re having a short stopover in Istanbul or spending a few … Continue reading

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