Wadi Rum

A vast, silent landscape of ancient riverbeds, pastel coloured stretches of sandy desert and amazing rock formations known as jebels, the desertscape of Wadi Rum represents some of the most stunning countryside on the planet. Wadi Rum possesses unspoiled natural beauty forged by millions of years of geological formation, erosion and evolution. Split by networks of canyons and ravines, spanned by naturally formed rock bridges and watered by hidden springs, the jebels (essentially mountains) offer great opportunities for scrambling, rock climbing and trekking.

Wadi Rum – the most stunning desert landscape on earth!

Described by Lawrence of Arabia as “vast and echoing”, Wadi Rum is an outstanding desert landscape. Having tasted the Sahara, the Sinai, the Nevada, the Gobi, the Great Sand Sea, the Kalahari, the Simpson and the Thar my annual pilgrimage … Continue reading

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Perseids Meteor Shower

I was lucky enough to witness the Perseids Meteor Shower from the deserts in Jordan last year. It was something I had read about and it really intrigued me. I got to see a magical country with so many fascinating … Continue reading

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Authenticity in travel

By Matthew Teller I’ve just finished writing the Rough Guide to the Cotswolds, due out in May. I loved the challenge, but it was sometimes quite a struggle to maintain a focus on what the place is actually all about, … Continue reading

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Off the beaten track in Jordan

We’re always interested in stories that relate to the destinations we visit, even if they’re a little further off the beaten track than what we’re used to. Here are details of some great spots in Jordan that don’t get as … Continue reading

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Trekking by Camel through Jordan

I will admit the thought of four hours on a camel was a little daunting at first. As we set out from our camp at Wadi Rum for our camel trek, I was sceptical. It took us all a little … Continue reading

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My Journey to Jordan

Whenever someone mentioned Jordan I thought of 2 things, Indiana Jones and NBA Basketball. Now after being there recently I now think of Petra at night and day, the Dead Sea and Lawrence of Arabia’s Wadi Rum. My preconceptions of … Continue reading

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Wadi Rum

Image camping under a blanket of stars surrounded by a sea of red sand and silence! Well that’s the Wadi Rum experience and it’s fantastic – well worth spending a night there and thoroughly enjoyable! The region is also home to … Continue reading

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