Wanderlust awards Namibia top spot

10th Feb 2014

Namibia has been voted the tops with readers of a respected travel magazine.

It won the Top Country accolade at this year's Wanderlust Readers' Travel Awards, with a satisfaction rating of nearly 97%.

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Peru's adventure sports festival tempts adrenaline addicts

7th Feb 2014

Adrenaline addicts with a love of otherworldly scenery and amazing cultural sites can find tailor-made holidays in Peru this month.

The Internacional Adventure Sports Festival Lunahuana is being staged from February 24-25.

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Bolivia prepares for 'Dance of Devils' festivals

6th Feb 2014

One of South America's biggest festivals and events comes to Bolivia next month - with visitors guaranteed a devilishly good time.

Holidaymakers on city breaks to Oruro at the start of March can enjoy a celebration recognised by Unesco as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

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India braced for the Festival of Colours

5th Feb 2014

Next month sees one of the most well known festivals and events in the Hindu calendar - with India set for colourful, vibrant celebrations.

Holi will be enjoyed for three days around next month's full moon (from March 17), with the festival saying goodbye to the winters and spectacularly ushering in spring with a kaleidoscope of colour.

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Brazil gears up for flamboyant Rio Carnival

4th Feb 2014

Festivals and events don't come any bigger or more colourful than Brazil's world-famous Rio Carnival.

Holidaymakers on city breaks to this vibrant metropolis are left spellbound by this five-day celebration of life, which begins 40 days prior to Easter.

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Winter Olympics to showcase Russia's tourism delights

3rd Feb 2014

Tourists heading for city breaks to Sochi in Russia in the coming few weeks will discover it has far more to offer than the ski-jumping, curling and bobsleighing of the upcoming Winter Olympics.

The eyes of the world will be focused on this Black Sea resort for the 17-day sporting jamboree starting on Friday (February 7).

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Book revealing secrets of Inca Trail in Peru turns 40

31st Jan 2014

The Inca Trail leading from Cusco's Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu in Peru has been well known to locals for centuries, but tourists and backpackers were unaware of it until the 1970s, when Hilary and George Bradt published Backpacking Along Ancient Ways in Peru and Bolivia.

The couple had learnt about the infamous Inca Trail, which navigates through a number of ancient ruins, from locals in 1973 and then published their book the following year.

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Tourists Goa step further for Indian paradise

30th Jan 2014

Record numbers of tourists visited Goa last year - so we thought it would be a good time to ask why?

The number of people visiting the Indian state rose 12%, but what is it that keeps tourists flocking to the paradise destination? A mixture of stunning, sun-kissed beaches, lively carnivals and diverse cuisine.

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Could Israel shard prove Bible kings existed?

29th Jan 2014

A tiny shard of ancient pottery found in Israel could help scientists verify that two kings of the Old Testament existed.

Archaeologists believe that not only does it show the world's first wine label, it proves the reigns of King Solomon and King David really happened.

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Student dances around China in 100 days

28th Jan 2014

A Dartmouth student has danced around China in 100 days.

Jake Gaba, 16, decided to go the extra mile when travelling across this magnificent tourist destination while studying Mandarin during a three-month semester overseas.

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Mosaic adds to Israel's rich historical tapestry

27th Jan 2014

In a magnificent country as ancient as Israel, notable excavations are commonplace.

But future tourists on city breaks to bustling Tel Aviv may one day be able to take in one of the best finds in its recent archaeological history following a discovery in a 1,500 Byzantine church.

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South Africa's diamonds are forever wooing tourists

24th Jan 2014

Diamonds may be a girls' best friend, but they are also helping South Africa's tourist trade to sparkle.

This beautiful country is renowned for its tours around mines and factories paying homage to this precious stone.

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Ancient Mongolia spider spins web of intrigue

23rd Jan 2014

Mongolia may have unearthed a new species of spider - to the fascination of scientists and nature-loving travellers.

The rugged wilds of this landlocked central Asian country, which is bordered by Russia to the north and China everywhere else, make it an emerging destination for intrepid tourists on trekking holidays.

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Bloggers reveal weird and wonderful hotspots for overseas weddings

21st Jan 2014

A globetrotting couple from Manchester are providing food for thought for couples looking for exciting destinations for an overseas wedding.

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant have spent the past two years watching weddings in each country they visit.

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Turkish egg that 'warded off demons' found

20th Jan 2014

Holidaymakers on city breaks to Sardis have unwittingly been walking over a closely guarded 2,000-year-old secret.

For beneath the Turkish metropolis lies buried what is thought to be an ancient lucky egg, crafted to ward off demons.

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China tourists can experience Titanic simulation

20th Jan 2014

China-bound tourists can, from 2016, experience what it was really like to be aboard the Titanic.

They can also see a life-sized replica of the mighty ship.

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Paul swaps dogs for South African wildlife

17th Jan 2014

Paul O'Grady is swapping his Love of Dogs to find out what millions of holidaymakers on wildlife-based specialist tours have found out before him: South Africa is second to none for animal watching.

The Liverpool-based comedian has started a new uplifting, sometimes heartbreaking three-programme ITV series this month.

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Ecuador's Galapagos visitors in a Darwin-win situation

16th Jan 2014

Trekking holiday fans who have been flocking to Ecuador's "Land That Time Forgot" for decades can have the best of both worlds.

They can enjoy the Galapagos Islands' tame giant tortoises, prehistoric lizards, sea lions, penguins and myriad bird species and get up close and personal with them.

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Record-breaking birds become Peru's most determined tourists

15th Jan 2014

Peru is such a fascinating tourist destination that modern travellers think nothing of jetting thousands of miles to view its magnificent cultural sites and natural wonders.

But the South American country's allure obviously extends to birdlife too.

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Mysterious pink tomb unearthed in Egypt finally identified

14th Jan 2014

Barely a month goes by without Egypt adding to its seemingly inexhaustible treasure trove of cultural sites and antiquities to delight tourists.

One of its latest gems has finally been identified a year after it was unearthed.

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