3,600-year-old mummy unearthed in Egypt

19th Feb 2014

Egypt's treasure trove of archaeological excavations has been added to - with the discovery of an ancient mummy in Luxor.

With ancient pyramids, mummies and other artefacts, Egypt is already a "must-see" country for lovers of archaeology.

And the latest find gives culture vultures even more reason to visit. The recently unearthed mummy is in very good condition - despite being more than 3,600 years old.

A beautifully decorated sarcophagus is thought to contain a leading official, but Egyptologists will now work to discover its identity.

Egypt's glittering past and fascinating present makes it a constant fascination among travellers on group tours.

It mixes world-famous cultural sites, such as the Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum, with the guarantee of all-year sunshine.

Egypt's Antiquities Minister, Mohammed Ibrahim, said the preserved wooden sarcophagus goes back to 1,600 BC, when the Pharaonic 17th Dynasty ruled.

Spanish excavators made the discovery together with specialists from the Egyptian antiquities mission.

The coffin is adorned with hieroglyphs and inscriptions of birds' feathers on its lid and sides.

This has led specialists to refer to it as "Feathers Sargophagi".

Antiquities department leader Ali Al-Asfar claimed the sarcophagus, which is 7ft 11ins long, still contains its original colouring and inscriptions.

The titles of the deceased are believed to be engraved on it, which specialists are working on identifying.

The sarcophagus was unearthed during the excavation of the tomb of Djehuty.

Djehuty, who was Queen Hatshepsut's treasure holder, was buried at Dra Abul-Naga necropolis, Ahram Online reported.

In addition, two other burials were discovered at the site. Both were empty, suggesting they were pillaged several years earlier.

The tomb's excavation started 13 years ago. Several artefacts from the New Kingdom were found and in 2013 archaeologists discovered the sarcophagus of a 17th dynasty child together with clay pots and tiny ushabti funerary figures.

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