Ancient Egyptian artefact images on display for first time

7th Mar 2013

Pictures of seven shoes placed in a jar and hidden in an Egyptian temple in Luxor around 2,000 years ago have been made public for the first time.

According to a report in the journal Memnonia, the shoes were found in 2004 by a team of archaeologists.

They gave Egyptian shoe expert André Veldmeijer access to their photographs for him to analyse.

The news of the latest find will be of particular interest to people with a passion for history thinking of heading to Egypt to discover more.

According to Angelo Sesana, who led the team of archaeologists, the shoes were deliberately placed in the jar and hidden between two mudbrick walls.

The find included three pairs of shoes and another single shoe. It is believed two of the pairs, which were around 7 inches long, belonged to children, while the other pair, measuring 9 inches long, was worn by an adult.

Veldmeijer, assistant director for Egyptology of the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo, said when the shoes were originally found they were still in "pristine condition". But he added that since becoming unearthed they have turned brittle and "extremely fragile".

According to the expert, the shoes may have been foreign-made and were probably expensive as they were not the usual footwear worn in Egypt at the time.

Mr Veldmeijer said the shoes would have given the owners much more status at the time, and everybody would have noticed them.

The temple where the items were found predates the shoes by more than 1,000 years and was originally built for pharaoh Amenhotep II (1424-1398 B.C.).

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