Archaeologists uncover Peru tombs near football site

4th Mar 2013

A burial site dating back more than 140 centuries has been found in South America - just metres from where Peru's national football team trains.

Archaeologists, who discovered 11 pre-Inca tombs at the Huaca Tupac Amaru B site near Peru's national sports village in the capital Lima, think there may be more to follow.

They made public their findings earlier this month - including the well-preserved graves containing 11 pre-Hispanic corpses.

Head of project Fernando Herrera said three skeletons belong to the Lima culture, which developed between AD 200 and 700.

Experts said the other eight come from the later Yschma culture (between AD 1000 and 1400).

Each skeleton was found lying on a bed of woven reeds and tied with braided rattan - a species of palm - and covered in cloth.

They were buried at the 400-square-metre site - only a few metres from the stadium where Peru's national football team prepares for games - with ceramics, fruit tree leaves, textiles and tools used for agriculture.

Herrera said the first skeleton was recovered in the dig's first month, December, while the others were discovered in January. The archaeological team, hopeful of more finds, is still searching the site.

There are several archaeological locations in Lima which form the core of tailor-made holidays for archaeology fans. These include the Huaca Pucllana in the Miraflores residential district which features a huge Lima culture pyramid.

Little is known of the Lima culture, partly because the modern city has grown over it.

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