Australians heading off beaten track

7th Feb 2013

Travellers from Australia are becoming more and more adventurous with their holidays abroad, opting for destinations such as Nepal, Sri Lanka and Mexico.

In 2012 Australians took more trips overseas than ever before with a record 8.2 million international breaks - 5% more than during 2011. It is thought the increase is partly to do with the high value of the dollar, which makes foreign trips more affordable.

The number of tourists heading to Nepal rose by almost 27% while Sri Lanka and Mexico also saw big increases, according to figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. An extra 26% headed to French Polynesia (Tahiti) in 2012 compared to the year before.

And Austria, Chile, Pakistan, the Cook Islands and Poland also attracted higher numbers of Australians during last year than in 2011. However, the most popular places to take an overseas holiday continued to be New Zealand, Indonesia and the United States.

Colin Bowman, from Flight Centre, said the statistics showed more people in Australia are keen to head off the beaten track when it comes to their holidays.

He said: "They are looking for adventure and a different experience so that's why you're seeing places like the Cook Islands, Nepal and Mexico becoming more popular."

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