BBC to bring meerkats to life in 4K

29th Jan 2013

Wildlife lovers with cutting-edge ultra HD TVs will be able to see meerkats in the Kalahari in super-sharp vision thanks to the BBC's decision to film its Survival series in 4K.

Ultra HD, also known as 4K, uses four times the number of pixels as a standard HD set, and the technology was a major feature of this year's International CES in Las Vegas.

Now the BBC has revealed it is using 4K technology to film its Survival series, making it the UK's first ultra HD natural history show.

Viewers excited by the prospect of seeing meerkats and other animals like never before will require an ultra HD TV. A variety of 84-inch televisions are already on the market, with smaller ones set to emerge this summer.

After having seen the animals like never before the next step for many will be to see them in the flesh, by arranging a group tour to the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa.

Survival will be produced by the BBC's Natural History Unit (NHU) and will follow the "six ages of man seen through animal lives".

NHU creative director Mike Gunton said: "There's a new reality which those images give. I think it makes the images more engaging. You feel you can almost touch them and get into the heads of the animals."

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