Barbary Macaques feature on Africa documentary

12th Feb 2013

Footage of Barbary Macaques featured within a BBC documentary was gathered by researchers from the University of Lincoln, who trailed the Atlas Mountains of northern Morocco in search of the species of ape.

Footage gathered by the Barbary Macaque Project, which shows the apes sheltering in a snow storm, provided the opening scenes to the fifth episode of Africa, narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

They are found only in a few wooded areas of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, which are mostly covered in snow.

The discovery meant the team were able to study the behaviour and ecology of Barbary Macaques in their typical habitat. The site was pitched by Dr Bonaventura Majolo from the School of Psychology in 2008, not far from the city of Azrou.

Barbary Macaques are the last primate species, apart from humans, left in Africa. During the past three decades their numbers have plunged dramatically, so much so that they are now classed as an IUCN Red List Threatened Species.

Dr Majolo said: "The work of the Barbary Macaque Project is helping to improve understanding of the ecological threats these animals face and raise awareness of their significance. We were only too pleased to welcome the BBC film makers to our field site and it's wonderful that the footage they captured featured so prominently in the series."

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