Birdwatching holidays in Uganda offer 'great experiences'

30th Nov 2012

Birdwatching holidays in Uganda appear to be attracting growing numbers of visitors to the scenic African country.

There is now an annual event, known as The Big Birding Day, when people can enjoy free park access to catch sight of a few of the country's impressive 1,000 bird species.

Uganda is home to a rich array of birdwatching sites, including Bwindi Forest which was named earlier this year by the Africa Bird Club as the best birding site in Africa.

For visitors interspersing trekking holidays across Africa with a spot of birdwatching, another top choice in Uganda is Queen Elizabeth National Park, home to more than 600 species.

But these are just a couple of the stunning areas rich in birdwatching possibilities, with Nature Uganda and Birdlife International having mapped out 34 sites across the country as key birding areas.

Some of those sites come within protected areas where park fees play an important role in maintaining the sites, but others are freely accessible - meaning birdwatching is an activity that is open to all.

The Uganda Tourist Board is set to focus on birdwatching as one of its key areas in 2013 to help promote the country's wide range of natural resources.

Anyone who has already enjoyed specialist tours or family holidays in Uganda will be aware the country is already well known as the largest primate destination in the world as well as being home to a growing selection of adventure holiday attractions.

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