Bolivia: unblemished by tourists

16th Nov 2012

Bolivia may be the next country to add to your list if you consider yourself an adventurous holidaymaker.

The landlocked country is encircled by high mountainous regions and jungle, meaning the country's traditions and culture have stayed relatively the same as tourists visit many of Bolivia's more accessible South American neighbours instead.

But there is much to see in Bolivia - the country's capital La Paz is the highest in the world, situated in the middle of a canyon roughly 3600m above sea level.

The altitude is so high that only small planes can fly into La Paz's airport and many visitors feel giddy and gasp for air when they first set foot there.

La Paz's markets, museums, temples, bars and restaurants are well worth a look, as is Lake Titicaca only two hours drive away. The major Bolivian town here, Copacabana, sits on the border with Peru next to the great, high-altitude lake full of islands, which is considered by many as the birthplace of the Inca Empire.

Tiahuanaco is Bolivia's most famous archaeological site, however, situated further south and many years ago formed part of a pre-Inca civilisation.

Even if there were streets full of tour coaches and fast food restaurants in Bolivia, the country has so much wonderment and beauty to make is a worthwhile visit. Fortunately there aren't though, and you can still see the pristine traditions and history almost as they were hundreds of years ago.

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