Brazil-helping conservation initiative wins £8m funding

1st Jul 2013

Brazil, Kenya, Cambodia, Burma, Nepal and Ecuador have already benefited from its help.

Now a conservation group is to get £8 million from the UK government.

The Darwin Initiative is leading drives to protect the world's biodiversity and enrich developing communities in some of the globe's poorest areas.

Since 1992, it has poured nearly £100 million of funding into over 800 projects in more than 150 countries.

One of the group's most popular projects was helping to make a documentary about the importance of bird conservation in Nepal.

This publicised the vital need for biodiversity conservation in Important Bird Areas (IBA).

These conservation works also help to grow the local economy in addition to educating about sustainable forest management.

The initiative is also working to prevent, detect and manage anything that might despoil the natural beauty of marine life in the Ecuador-owned Galapagos Islands.

Other schemes include providing funding for important training in Brazil so that local communities can work together to reduce Amazonian wildfires.

Funding has also helped newly discovered species such as the Burmese snub-nosed monkey; projects concentrating on wildlife-friendly farming in Cambodia; and helping Kenyan communities conserve coral reefs.

The new series of projects, expected to start next April, will concentrate on protecting wildlife and habitats but also supporting the local communities.

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