Central America surf scene rules the waves

2nd May 2013

Central America rules the waves when it comes to surfing - with El Salvador a particular world-class joy for holidaymakers seeking specialist tours offering challenging tides.

That's why the country's tourist board has highlighted the best surfing locations on its Pacific coast in a new visitors' route guide.

Magnificent beaches such as Punta Roca, El Sunzal, El Tunco and El Zonte, already favourites among the local El Salvador surfboarding fraternity, are all featured.

These can be found within reach of the popular La Libertad port.

Several spots that have stayed less-heralded, especially to the east of El Salvador, are also on the route.

Punta Mango, Las Flores and El Cuco in the district of San Miguel are among these more unassuming destinations.

They come highly recommended for tailor-made holidays for tourists wanting a quieter beach in which to practise their talents.

El Salvador's natural coastal assets attract surfers from all over the world to ride its waves.

International contests such as the ASP Quicksilver Cup and the eighth Surf Latin Pro Championship were held there last year.

El Salvador's warm surfing climate is influenced by its tropical location, enjoying two seasons - dry from November to April and wet from May to October.

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