Chile's app-eal now even easier to understand

5th Sep 2013

Chile has just become an even more accessible destination for holidaymakers - thanks to a free new smartphone app which is now available to download.

The South American country famously has much to tempt overseas visitors.

Lauca National Park and Torres del Paine national park are recommended for trekking holidays and San Rafael Glacier is an equally spectacular natural attraction.

Chile also boasts a vast array of cultural sites, including Easter Island, its No.1 tourist attraction, thousands of miles off the mainland coast halfway to Tahiti.

But holidaymakers planning trips thousands of miles from home can never get enough guidance - and it's also there for them when they arrive.

That's why the country's tourism chiefs launched the "" app on iOS and Android phones to promote its wares and allow travellers to organise their adventures through this spectacular land.

The app's advantages include a national travel route, a list with its leading famous attractions, accommodation and even the up-to-the-minute news in these places.

This application, which became downloadable from Tuesday, is one of several Government initiatives aimed to boosting Chile's development through tourism.

The new resource was launched to the amazement of foreign visitors arriving on city breaks to the International Airport of Santiago.

Crowds witnessed traditional dances from the Rapa Nui people, Easter Island's native Polynesian inhabitants and heard amazing music from an organ grinder.

Subsecretary of Tourism, Daniel Pardo, led the eye-catching airport presentation to promote Chile as an irresistible holiday destination for tourists worldwide.

He said four-fifths of recently-arrived foreign visitors do not have reliable information about Chilean holiday destinations via the internet.

Pardo said: "This new app was made as a guide to those that are planning a trip to visit Chile, for the first time, moving to every place they want."

He says the travel app will help to ease tourists' information search for foreign people and places.

But smartphone users of this app should remember that they will incur roaming costs.

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