China opens new Beijing bullet train route

7th Jan 2013

China has added another bullet train route to its ever-expanding superfast rail network

Travellers can now make the 1425-mile journey between Beijing and Guangzhou - half the entire country - in just eight hours.

The new route offers sightseers an alternative way to make the journey from the north to the south of China, while the increased competition should also see the price of air fares tumble.

Departing from Beijing West Railway Station, the new line stretches south through 35 major cities including Zhengzhou, Wuhan on the Yangtze River and Changsha.

A total of 155 pairs of bullet trains will make the high-speed journey, which more than halves the previous travel time of 20 hours.

The original, slower trains will still continue to run on parallel lines, providing a more affordable option for tourists on tighter budgets.

China had no high-speed rail until 2007, but the country has invested heavily in the technology since then and now has the world's largest network.

The Asian superpower opened a high-speed line between Beijing and Shanghai 18 months ago, which saw the travel time between the two historic cities, 800 miles apart, halved to less than five hours.

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