China tourists can experience Titanic simulation

20th Jan 2014

China-bound tourists can, from 2016, experience what it was really like to be aboard the Titanic.

They can also see a life-sized replica of the mighty ship.

Connoisseurs of China with a nous for nautical history will be able to enjoy tailor-made holidays in the central province of Sichuan.

This is where the landlocked theme park commemorating the 1912 Titanic, including a museum, is due to open.

A model of the mighty ship will take centre stage.

Its dimensions are 175ft (53.3m) tall and 882ft 6in long (269m) and work is due to begin early this year.

The ship originally weighed 52,310 tons, making it the world's biggest ship at the time.

The Chinese reworking of "the unsinkable ship", costing 1 billion yuan (£101 million) to build, will be constructed at least 930 miles (1,496 km) from the nearest ocean.

The attraction aims, however, to be more than a museum that copies the original vessel and the smash 1997 film, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

The simulation will enable many hundred visitors to simultaneously experience what going down in the shipwreck was like.

Creators hope this will make it a huge favourite with visitors on group tours.

Su Shaojun, chief executive of the Seven Star Energy Investment Group that financed the park, said: "When the ship hits the iceberg, it will shake, it will tumble."

The Titanic movie is the second highest-grossing in history after Avatar, bringing in around £1.34 billion.

Bernard Hill, who depicted Captain Edward Smith, jetted to Hong Kong to give his backing for the Chinese model.

Hill refuted allegations that constructing a theme park around a real-life a disaster was inappropriate.

He said: "It's been approached in a very delicate and a very sensitive way."

In addition, the Romandisea Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort will feature a man-made beach, a "6D" cinema and copies of a Venetian church and European castles.

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