Delhi's National Museum showcases hidden treasures

20th May 2013

A museum in India has unveiled ambitious plans to give visitors a glimpse of some of its hidden treasures.

At present, Delhi's National Museum exhibits less than 6% of its total artefacts, with thousands of unique and beautiful items left to gather dust in storage facilities for years at a time.

The triple-storied building hosts more than 200,000 works of art, dating back 5,000 years and covering everything from archaeology, arms and armour, to jewellery, manuscripts and paintings.

The museum has a collection of around 18,000 miniatures, although only 200 are displayed due to space constraints.

However, under the National Museum's new rotation policy, exhibits will be changed far more frequently, giving visitors the chance to set eyes on some of the institution's rarer artefacts.

Dr Venu Vasudevan, director general of the museum, said that rotating the collection should be a big draw for visitors.

"All exhibits, even those kept in storage including the reserve collection, should be put on display periodically," Dr Vasudevan added.

"Our collection of miniatures is huge but we are able to display just a tiny fraction. At the same time, many of the large paintings and art work on display also need resting time."

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