Egypt's Atlantis begins to reveal all

7th Jun 2013

Egypt's very own Atlantis - swallowed by the sea more than 1,200 years ago - has begun to reveal its secrets.

For centuries, the ancient port city of Heracleion was believed to exist only in legend… until the year 2000.

That's when it was found by French researcher Franck Goddio and a team from the European Institute for Underwater Archaeology during a survey of the shoreline of a country much loved by holidaymakers on group tours.

Now, international marine archaeologists are ready to share the underwater city's riches with the world.

These include gold coins, 16ft sculptures and giant tablets recovered from Heracleion, which rests 20 miles north-east of Alexandria in the Mediterranean.

Weights from Athens have also been found at the site, confirming theories the city was once an important trading port.

Egypt is already blessed with a welter of ancient cultural sites. Now Heracleion could provide one of the most intriguing of them all.

Some scientists believe Heracleion was sunk when the unstable sediments the city was built on collapsed amid rising sea levels.

Divers also found 700 anchors, hundreds of smaller statues of Egyptian gods and over 64 ships.

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