Egypt officials reopen Giza pyramid

16th Oct 2012

Egypt has restored one of its most prized pyramids and opened it to the public as the country reports holidaymakers are returning.

Giza's Pyramid of Chefren contains the burial place of Pharaoh Khafre and was reopened alongside a further six tombs which archaeologists have been restoring for 10 years.

It is hoped the pyramid will help boost Egypt's re-emergence as a popular holiday destination after the revolution in 2011. Antiquities minister Muhammad Ibrahim was keen to underline Egypt offers a safe and pleasant experience for holidaymakers.

The Pyramid of Chefren is the second largest at Giza.

Ibrahim said: "First of all, we are celebrating the opening of the second pyramid for the first visitors after the restoration that has been taken to prepare it, to light it for the visitors. Secondly, we are opening today for the first time, six tombs, six private tombs. One in the Eastern cemetery and five in the Western one. These private tombs are very important because it reflects, it shows how the ancient civilization is big, is important."

Last month higher numbers of reservations were made for holidays in Egypt, suggesting the destination is on its way to recovering its popularity.

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