Expert calls to keep Kerala green

24th Sep 2012

Preserving the natural beauty of Kerala in India is key to maintaining the state's profile as one of the world's top destinations for adventure tourism, a former Indian tourism official has said.

Amitabh Kant, currently managing director and CEO of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor and former state tourism secretary, wants Kerala to boost conservation of certain areas of natural beauty by branding them sensitive tourism zones.

If followed up the proposals could help protect the natural beauty of Kerala by keeping certain areas free from ongoing development work.

"At least 30% of the area in these zones should remain green," Kant told the Emerging Kerala meeting.

A decade ago, Kant was central in transforming the state into a global tourism brand.

"When I was in Kerala, we had drafted the Conservation and Preservation Act, which was approved but never implemented. If Kerala loses its green cover, it will lose its tourism edge as well," he said.

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