Food writer completes gastronomic milestone

27th Sep 2012

A British food writer has become the first person to have eaten in and reviewed every three-star Michelin restaurant in the world after a gastronomic journey that has taken in global destinations including Hong Kong and Macau.

Caprice in Hong Kong was among the 109 restaurants that made up Andy Hayler's global tour, which had to be extended to keep up with the latest guide. He had completed his first 'full tour' in 2004 but back then he only had to visit 49 restaurants and didn't need to leave Europe.

Since then Michelin has added Asia to its guides and there are now six three-star restaurants in China and almost 40 in Japan.

In order to keep up with the 2012 Michelin guide Andy has had to visit 28 restaurants this year and has dined in cities from Macau to Chicago.

Andy said: "Michelin's global coverage has expanded massively over recent years, which makes this a real journey. When Michelin first announced coverage of Asia, I knew it would take a few years for me to complete the 'full tour' so I set the 2012 list as my target.

"It's been full of fascinating, thrilling and delicious experiences, and I feel very fortunate to have been able indulge my passion for food and travel on this quest."

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