Football-crazy Brazil expects World Cup profit

12th Aug 2013

Football-crazy Brazil is hosting what is termed "the biggest show on the planet" next year.

Tourism leaders are predicting that holidaymakers on football-based specialist tours will not only enjoy themselves during the FIFA 2014 World Cup, rhey'll help the country generate a profit too.

Brazil is about so much more than just football, however.

The country is utilising the event to showcase itself as a major tourist destination.

Tourists on city breaks to Rio alone will enjoy sumptuous beaches, including Rio's legendary Copacabana, and the stunning statue of Christ the Redeemer.

The South Americans expect to make 1.4 billion dollars (£900 million) from June 12 to July 13, according to research by the Brazilian Tourism Board (Embratur).

A total of 9.5 billion dollars (£6.1 billion) has been invested in infrastructure improvements to prepare for the event.

This is more than offset by the 10.9 billion dollars (£7 billion) total expected to be generated in the games' 12 host cities.

Here is the breakdown of the anticipated revenue by host city in US dollars:

- Sao Paulo 1.67 billion (£1 billion)

- Rio de Janeiro 1.53 billion (£990 million)

- Brasilia 67 million (£43.2 million)

- Belo Horizonte 67 million (£43.2 million)

- Fortaleza 66 million (£42.6 million)

- Salvador 65 million (£42 million)

- Recife 44 million (£28.4 million)

- Porto Alegre 41 million (£26.4 million)

- Curitiba 38 million (£24.5 million)

- Natal 37 million (£23.9 million)

- Cuiaba 29 million (£18.7 million)

- Manaus 20 million (£12.9 million).

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