Gangnam Style rapper visits UK

9th Nov 2012

South Korean rapper Psy, famous globally for his single Gangnam Style, has been welcomed in the UK by screaming swarms of fans.

He reached London via the Eurostar from Paris. The 34-year-old rapper arrived earlier this week with plans to stay in the UK for three days.

Park Jae-sang, or Psy, arrived at St Pancras wearing a sleeveless cream-coloured leather jacket and yellow-framed glasses. Posing briefly for photographers, he said visiting the UK was "really exciting" and it was a "great feeling" to be welcomed by so many fans.

A star in his native South Korea with six albums, Psy became a global phenomenon as Gangnam Style reached the number one spot in September in the UK.

The accompanying video has been watched by more than 660 million people, and is said to be among YouTube's most popular. It parodies the lifestyle of people who live in Gangnam, a neighbourhood in Seoul.

During his visit Psy gave a speech to the Oxford Union, where world-renowned politicians, actors and musicians have spoken. In comments before his speech, Psy said: "I'm going to Oxford today, it's really exciting, I'm looking forward to it."

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