Globetrotter 'Emu' Hughes befriends South Africa's wildlife

5th Aug 2013

Globetrotting Graham Hughes is the human travelling equivalent of the emu.

Hughes become the first person to travel the world without flying - befriending South Africa's wildlife and riding off Kenya's beaten track in an 18-wheel truck along the way.

Now travellers can undertake the Hughes' four-year, 160,000-mile (257,495-kilometre), 201-nation private journeys in just four minutes without needing to leave their home.

This is thanks to his video diary.

Hughes, 33, from Liverpool, used trains, buses, taxis and his own feet during his 1,426-day trek on a shoestring budget of just £65 a week.

He filmed his travels for a documentary after leaving his hometown on January 1, 2009.

By last December, he crossed the border into the newly-created South Sudan and cracked open the champagne to toast finishing The Odyssey Expedition mission.

He's edited days of footage into a whirlwind world tour, taking in one country every second - with the end product lasting four minutes and one second.

The video sees him posing in the sunshine from South America to Zimbabwe.

Hughes has raised nearly £9,000 for WaterAid so far from his charitable trekking holidays.

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