Holidaymakers get their kicks from Bruce Lee

3rd Jul 2013

China is to open a permanent exhibition to mark the 40th anniversary of the death of one of its martial arts icons.

Bruce Lee, legendary star of such films as Enter The Dragon and Fist Of Fury, died four decades ago aged 32.

This is when the government-run Hong Kong Heritage Museum - one of the region's favourite cultural sites - is celebrating Lee's life by opening a multimedia show.

The Bruce Lee: Kung Fu Art Life exhibition will feature 600 Lee-related artefacts, including items lent from the Bruce Lee Foundation and the Hong Kong Film Archive.

One-hundred of these pertain to The Green Hornet TV series, in which Lee played the role of Kato.

A 75-minute documentary called The Brilliant Life Of Bruce Lee has been made by the Federation Of Hong Kong Filmmakers specially for the exhibition.

A new Facebook fan page - Visit HK Museums - is being launched this month to provide an interactive way for the public to gather more information about the exhibition.

Hong Kong is one of the world's most bustling, interesting and heavily populated regions, and the Hong Kong Heritage Museum is well worth a visit for martial arts fans on specialist tours

The exhibition is free once visitors have paid their admission to the museum.

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