Human Spiderman conquers Cuban hotel

5th Feb 2013

Real-life Spiderman, French climber Alain Robert, is known around the world for his hair-raising climbing stunts and now he can claim a famed 27-storey hotel in Cuba as his latest triumph.

Unlike the fictional super hero, Robert has scaled the great heights of many of the world's tallest buildings without the use of spider web, or harness for that matter.

Robert, 50, has conquered the Empire State Building in New York and many of the world's tallest buildings.

Cuba, which is located in Central America and is famed for its Latin dancing, sandy beaches and beautiful sunny weather, was a perfect choice for the daredevil to perform his climbing stunt, with fans lined up and screaming support as they watched him climb to the top of the 126-metre building.

Robert, who took half an hour to scale the hotel, explained he was more concerned about the condition of the building and not the lack of harness or ropes in case he slipped, while adding he always feels more alive and free after completing the challenge.

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