India stakes claim for world's oldest man

22nd Jul 2013

At a reputed 141 years young, Feroz-un-Din Mir could soon be adding to India's popular array of ancient cultural sites so loved by holidaymakers on group tours.

Five-times-married Mr Mir, from Kashmir, who has outlived his first four wives, claims he has a government certificate proving he was born on March 10, 1872.

If true, this would make him the world's oldest person.

To give you an indication of just how old Mr Mir claims he is, Queen Victoria still had nearly 29 years left of her UK reign when he was born, William Gladstone was in the first of his four terms as British Prime Minister and football's first FA Cup saw Wanderers beat Royal Engineers 1-0 in the final.

Elsewhere, Jesse James' gang robbed a bank in Kentucky and escaped with 1,500 dollars (£982.06) and the Mary Celeste set sail from New York.

Mr Mir is married to a woman in her eighties, Misra, who told Kashmir Life: "He is witness to some of the most significant events in history in the past century."

He can still walk with assistance from his family, can still vaguely see and talks about his extraordinary life in his native Pahari tongue.

Mr Mir, like his father Matulli, became a fruit and nut trader and would regularly accompany him to Pakistan's capital Karachi.

Guinness World Records staff are believed to be investigating Mr Mir's claim.

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