India tempts autumn travellers

8th May 2013

An amazing 20,000 camels, cattle and horses are descending on the Rajasthan district of Ajmer this autumn - for a travel experience that is weird and wonderful even by India's eclectic standards.

The annual Pushkar Camel Fair, held each November at the time of the KartikPurnima holy festival full moon, is a spectacle on an epic scale.

It is expected to attract its usual 300,000 people from November 9-17 for one of the most colourful happenings in India's rich calendar of festivals and events.

Tourists on tailor-made holidays can revel in one of the last great traditional melas, which brings livestock, farmers, traders and villagers from all over the state.

The town of Pushkar transforms into a colourfully and culturally rich land adorned with musicians, Marwari folk dancers and cuisine, horse races, herders, nomads, farmers, comedians, devotees, saints, acrobats, and shopping which highlights Rajasthan specialities.

Camel trading reaches it peak in the fair's first few days before giving way to more religious matters towards the arrival of KartikPurnima - the festival of lights of the gods.

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