Indian festival set to attract worldwide attention

28th Feb 2013

Tourists and travellers will soon be flocking to northern India to join the celebrations for an ancient festival.

Known as 'Holika' in the old days, today's 'Holi' festival is typically celebrated between February and March with the biggest celebrations taking place in the temples of Vrindavan, a town in the state of Uttar Pradesh, where it is believed the Hindu god Krishna originated.

Holi is not only celebrated in India but also in Nepal and by the minority Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Countries with large Indian diaspora such as South Africa, Malaysia, Suriname, Mauritius, Fiji, the USA and the UK also join in the festivities.

Also known as the Festival of Colours, it was previously believed to be a special rite performed by married women to ensure the happiness and well-being of their families. Nowadays, Holi celebrates the beginning of spring and pays respect to traditional Hindu legends and mythology.

The holiday is known to be one of the most popular in India, with thousands flocking to participate in the festival every year. Besides celebrating the new season it also commemorates good harvests and the fertile land. Festival-goers have been known to make bonfires and throw coloured power at each other and all around the streets.

Many parts of Indian become popular tourist destinations during the season of Holi, with global holidaymakers looking to soak in the culture.

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