Indian state asks to borrow neighbour's tourists

16th Jul 2013

Most Indians (and Britons) have at some point borrowed something off their neighbours.

But it's one thing cadging a bowl of sugar, quite another, much larger-scale plan tapping tourists to swell your own holiday trade.

This is precisely what Andhra Pradesh is looking to do to its westerly neighbouring state of Maharashtra.

Andhra Pradesh's tourism chiefs aim to promote lesser-known destinations, especially publicising its second-biggest metropolis, Vizag (or Visakhapatnam), as an ideal hotspot for city breaks with its alluring coastline and beaches.

The Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) has announced special packages and investment opportunities to attract international traffic from Maharashtra.

This follows the pinpointing of 10 unexplored destinations for tourism promotion.

Chandana Khan, special chief secretary to the Andhra Pradesh government's Youth Advancement, Tourism and Culture department spoke during a press conference in Mumbai on Monday (July 15).

Khan said that the two states have so much in common: heritage, culture, cuisine, history and even shopping.

Andhra Pradesh's Hyderabad and Maharashtra's Mumbai are like sister cities, Khan said.

There are many off-the-beaten-track holiday options for those on private journeys to explore in Andhra Pradesh, from the beaches to historical cultural sites to Buddhist treasures.

The state boasts a coastline of nearly 1,000km (621.3 miles) and Vizag has some of the best beaches in south India.

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