Korea's dirty festival gives tourists clean break

17th Jun 2013

An incredible two-million visitors are expected to descend on Korea next month for one of Asia's dirtiest festivals and events - and all in the name of mud.

Boryeong, situated 200km (124.2 miles) south of Seoul, hosts the famous and very dirty Mud Festival.

Lovers of city breaks to this fascinating destination will already know of its sumptuous scenery with marvellous mountains and beautiful beaches.

But from July 19-28 Boryeong assumes an altogether more bizarre aspect and becomes home to events such as mud wrestling, mud massaging, mud fireworks fantasy and mud sliding.

If you mud wrestling doesn't grab your fancy, you can always just enjoy a soothing spa treatment using the famous Boryeong mud.

The festival started in 1998 as a marketing event for Boryeong mud cosmetics.

Mud from the Boryeong flats is taken to Daecheon Beach, a great place to go swimming, where the festivities take place.

Here, you will have the opportunity to join the adventurous silt extreme training experience - a marine-type training course on silt.

Activities include silt education, cavalry battles and even forming human pyramids.

The mud itself is excellent for your skin and health.

After the sun goes down, you can relax by watching some of the myriad games or watch fireworks with friends at the beach.

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