Kremlin Faberge eggs exhibited in Shanghai

1st Nov 2012

Russia's Kremlin Palace treasures, including four Faberge eggs, are currently being exhibited in Shanghai, China.

Russian jeweller Gustav Faberge started The House of Faberge in the mid-1800s before handing over the reins to his son, Peter Carl Faberge.

The firm became celebrated for elaborate jewellery such as the Faberge eggs, which were designed especially for the Russian tsars, but this is the first time the eggs have been shown in China.

The eggs are being shown as part of the World Of Faberge exhibition of more than 200 pieces of jewellery from the Kremlin Museum of Moscow and the Fersman Mineralogical Museum of Russia.

The House of Faberge made roughly 50 jewel-encrusted Easter eggs for Alexander III and Nicolas II and 42 are still around today.

The four eggs being shown in China are as follows:

:: The Memory of Azov, which has a miniature replica of the Russian cruiser of the same name.

:: The Trans-Siberian Train, which features a clockwork locomotive five-carriage train.

:: The Moscow Kremlin, which is a miniature replica of the Cathedral of the Assumption in Moscow.

:: The Constellation, which is incomplete because of the Russian Revolution, shows the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Director of Shanghai Museum, Chen Xiejun, said: "We had special glass cases designed for the eggs so that visitors can appreciate the treasured pieces from any angle."

The Faberge exhibition is part of the Shanghai Museum's 60th birthday celebrations, and Shanghai residents are often big fans or Russian art and culture, according to Xiejun.

Kremlin Museum curator, Tatiana Muntian, said: "Carl Faberge was not only a merchant and craftsman, but also an artist of originality.

"We've chosen the most representative pieces for audiences in Shanghai, as this is our first exhibition in China."

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