Laos relaxes at top of tourism poll

21st May 2013

The people of Laos are described among the most relaxed on the planet and the nation's "perfect" tourism record has seen it voted top of a list of holiday locations.

Landlocked by Burma, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, Laos has landed the European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) World's Best Tourism Destination 2013 accolade for its "clean, ecological and social-orientated" attitude to tourism.

The Southeast Asian country is fast becoming the destination of choice for informed travellers who love to taste its environment, traditions and cultures. The ECTT speaks highly of its brand of "community-based eco-tourism" that promotes and preserves the country's natural beauty and endangered rainforest areas and animals.

The ECTT was particularly impressed with how the benefits of tourism were being shared with the people of Laos and said the rest of the world could learn an important lesson from its social tourism.

Its preservation of spiritual traditions and protection of important historic and religious sites was also praised, as was how well visitors are included by the local people and integrated into the relaxed atmosphere and culture.

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