Moscow plans improvements for visitors

2nd Jan 2013

Moscow is planning developments to help the city become more tourist-friendly by installing information points in several languages for visitors to navigate their way around easily.

Information will be shown in Russian, English, German, French and Spanish.

The decision was made after a record breaking five million people visited Moscow this year. The Moscow authorities envisage making the city appeal to people all over the world.

This process is already underway with the authorities having replaced almost all signs with new ones with additional information in other languages.

They hope displaying tourist maps around the city highlighting museums and memorials - including ones not mentioned in guidebooks, will boost the tourist industry.

Irina Shchegolkova from the Rostourism Tourist Agency believes the next few years will be crucial in Moscow's plan of becoming more tourist-friendly.

The city is hosting the 14th World Athletics Championships in summer 2013 and the final matches of 2018 FIFA World Cup, which are bound to attract visitors from afar.

"Word of mouth is the best kind of advertising for Moscow as a tourist attraction. People tend to share their travelling experiences with their friends and colleagues. If they say that Moscow is a great place to go to, easy to navigate, with plenty of places to have good meals and signs in English, then more people will be willing to come."

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