Nepal and India braced for elephant festival

5th Aug 2013

Elephant-loving visitors to Nepal and India will find holidays tailor made for them this week.

One of the biggest festivals and events to grace these countries is the spectacular occasion of Teej.

This colourful procession of elephants is celebrated in many Indian states in addition to the Khas women of Nepal.

It falls on the third day after the new moon of the Shraavana or Saawan month of Hindu calendar, typically in early August.

The three-day event is dedicated to the goddess Parvati, marking her relationship with Lord Shiva.

It is a celebration of marital bliss, the well-being of spouse and children and the body and soul's purification, with a blend of mouth-watering feasts besides strict fasting.

Nowhere is this festival celebrated more fervently than in the pink city of Jaipur.

The customary Teej procession, featuring 30 elephants, will begin on August 9 in the evening from the Tripolia Gate (City Palace), continue through Tripolia Bazar and Chhoti Chaupar, Gangauri Bazaar and finish at the Chaugan Stadium.

The procession will follow the same route the day after.

Visitors can enjoy folk performances including kacchi ghodi, Kalbeliya, Algoza, Bahrupia, Gair, Bail dance and Chakri dance.

Tourists will also be able to see performances from bands, decorated camels, policemen on horseback and women in traditional dresses during the procession.

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