New book shows another side of African wildlife

24th Dec 2012

As African wildlife photography goes it does not get much better than stunning images of angry leopards or a family of elephants attempting to cool themselves down.

These are among the images captured in a new photography project. The use of a remote camera by photographer Anup Shah allowed him unrivalled access to these wild animals, in their natural habitat.

Shah named his project the Serengeti Spy and he concealed his camera with camouflage, to access these enchanting creatures.

The photos can be found in a new book, Serengeti Spy: Views From A Hidden Camera On The Plains Of East Africa. Anyone purchasing the book will see a collection of truly original images.

These cameras were placed at strategic locations within the African Savannah in the Serengeti and Masai Mara. The creatures became inquisitive about the equipment that was operated remotely, and wandered close to investigate.

Some of the animals seemed to interact with the camera and were seen to be staring into the lens.

Many of the images were enhanced by the use of low-level perspectives and a wide-angle lens. These techniques magnified the size of an elephant's gigantic trunk and the splendour of flamingos taking to the air in Kenya's Lake Nakuru National Park. Also impressive were the pictures of herds of wildebeest and zebras on the run.

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